Music Production Library:

We offer a broad range of musical compositions in catalog form allowing producers and editors to find what they need for placement in TV, Film, and Ads.


Music Publishing:

As music moves in new directions, publishing has become crucial to the song writer. Songs used in TV, Film, and Ads are exposed to the target audiences and generate the most significant stream of revenue. The music industry always has and always will revolve around the song. Having a publisher is essential when it comes to finding the right placement opportunities.



Music starts as an idea, but at some point in time needs to be heard. Hilltop Studio is a state of the art facility that turns ideas into reality.


Sound Reinforcement:

You spend endless hours putting the music together and now it's about the performance. Hilltop Sound will help you to do what you do best (PLAY). Let us provide the equipment and crew so you can really be heard.


Graphic Design:

We all know the saying "be seen not heard." When it comes to music, you need to have a visual image attached to what you hear. Without a graphic designer on board you just might miss the boat.


Video Production:

Having a professional video of your band or event can be a costly endeavor. MTV changed forever how we perceive music. Video has become a marketing necessity. We here at Hilltop have the answer to that age long question. How to pay a little and get a lot.


Live Music for All Occasions:

Lots of song writers/artists either list their music in our music library or have become involved with Hilltop in one way or another. This is an asset that was hard to overlook. With all of this talent within arms reach, why not make it available for public consumption. That means you Mr. club owner, concert promoter, booking agent etc.


Web Site Development:

Without a web presence these days you're as good as invisible to the rest of the world. When it comes to marketing goods, services or your music, you can't be more than a click away.